Friday, April 26, 2013

Thesis Design

So I suppose It is about time to start showing some of the development of my thesis.  The story is about  a space monkey that crashes on an alien planet and for the first time in his life has is free. It is ultimately about what is home. I'll start off with the girl (she has no name yet) who is the first person he befriends on the alien planet...

I'm still tweaking the shadows here and there, and will possible try out same costume changes, but for now here is her final design.

Here are the various different stages I went through to get to what is the final design

When I was sketching out the poses and doing the turn around her long hair was a nightmare to figure out.  It was either a pain to figure out interesting flow/shapes for the hair, or it covered the pose/ruined the silhouette.  So I gave her a "haircut" and immediately liked it much better.

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